Headshot of Yuri Malitsky

Insight Alumni: Dr Yuri Malitsky, Head of Enterprise Analytics, FactSet

Submitted on Tuesday, 13/06/2023

Dr Yuri Malitsky is Head of Enterprise Analytics at FactSet in New York. He was an Insight member between 2012 and 2014.

Between 2012 and 2014, I served as a PostDoc at Insight under the guidance of Barry O’Sullivan. During my tenure, I pursued my original research on Algorithm Selection and Configuration, with a focus on hyperparameter optimization. Additionally, I advised the projects of three Master’s students and one PhD student while teaching machine learning classes.

‘After leaving academia, I continued my research at IBM Research before transitioning to the finance sector, working with JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and ultimately leading a small analytics team at FactSet.

‘My experience at Insight fostered a passion for creating interdisciplinary teams and engaging in teaching and mentorship. I continue to fulfill this passion by teaching part-time in the Online Data Science Masters program at the University of Virginia in addition to the mentoring I do at work.’