Deepak Mehta headshot

Insight Alumni: Deepak Mehta, Team Lead, Apple Operations International Ltd

Submitted on Tuesday, 18/07/2023

‘I develop simple solutions for complex problems and have gone through a transformative journey of shifting my focus from loving solutions to loving problems and ultimately managing problems effectively. This mindset has greatly influenced my approach to research and problem-solving.

‘During my time as an Insight member, I had the opportunity to contribute to various research projects and gain valuable experience in the field of constraint programming and AI in general. My work primarily focused on network design and optimisation, data centre management and bioinformatics. I worked on several EU and Ireland funded research projects such as Globally Optimised Energy Efficient Data Centres (GENiC) and Distributed Core for unlimited bandwidth supply for all Users and Services (DISCUS). Additionally, I led a Ulysses Research Project that involved developing scalable combinatorial optimisation methods for discovering novel patterns in protein families. During my time at Insight, I also contributed to the advancement of constraint solvers’ efficiency using machine learning techniques as part of the Future and Emerging Technologies Project ICON. My time at Insight nurtured my research skills and problem-solving abilities and deepened my understanding of AI technologies.

‘Since my time at Insight, I have embarked on a rewarding career journey in the field of AI and optimisation, working with renowned organisations. I began my post-Insight career at United Technologies (now known as Raytheon Technologies) Research Centre in Cork, Ireland, where I held roles as a Staff Research Scientist and later as a Principal Research Scientist. At Raytheon, I led and contributed to multi-disciplinary projects focused on aerospace design and manufacturing optimisation, as well as machine learning for cyber-physical systems.

‘After my tenure at Raytheon, I had the opportunity to join Huawei Research Centre in Paris, France, for a short duration. During my time at Huawei, I applied my expertise to solve resource allocation problems in compiler optimisation, leveraging the features of next-generation processors.

‘Currently, I am proud to be a part of Apple Operations International Limited in Cork, Ireland, where I lead a team of data scientists. In this role, I oversee the design, development, and deployment of AI-based solutions that optimise decision-making processes within logistics and supply chain operations.

‘Insight was instrumental in shaping my career by providing invaluable skills, experiences, and resources. The opportunity to participate in many research projects, and collaborate with experts across diverse domains and backgrounds has deepened my understanding of AI, machine learning, and constraint programming. Engaging with stakeholders in EU and national projects has sharpened my communication and interpersonal skills, enabling me to bridge the gap between research objectives and practical applications effectively. I have honed my ability to convey complex findings to both technical and non-technical audiences, ensuring their real-world relevance and impact. Overall, Insight provided me with a solid foundation and a launchpad for my career by fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and continuous learning.’