Insight alum David Browne in graduation clothes

Insight Alumni: David Browne, R&D, Wave Break Media

Submitted on Thursday, 22/06/2023

After an early career in carpentry, David Browne returned to education aged 30 and completed a degree in physics at UCC. He then went on to complete a HDip in Data Science and Analytics at CIT, followed by a PhD in Deep Learning in UCC. His next step was a postdoctoral position in Insight, where he focused on data science and music, with a focus on deep learning and neural networks.

‘After working with Insight I went back into industry as part of a R&D team with Wave Brake Media in Ballincollig, one of the world’s largest suppliers of media content for clients such as Adobe and Shutterstock. I have been R&D team leader now for two years, looking at the latest technology in deep learnnng and neural networks and how it can be applied to the media industry.

‘Working in Insight under Dr Steven Prestwich is where I really started to gain a more complete knowledge of deep learning and how it might be applied in industry. I’m using that learning directly in my work now.’