Yan Asadchy

Insight AI for Good: Generait, an AI assistant that transforms how solicitors work

Submitted on Wednesday, 19/06/2024

Yan Asadchy, DCU

As an interdisciplinary researcher and designer working with Generait, an Artificial Intelligence project at the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics in Dublin City University (DCU) my job is to deliver the highest quality User Experience to the future users of Generative AI products. In addition to my academic career, I am also the founder of the design agency Affinity, which bridges academia and industry. The agency I have built provides ethical design consultancy and solutions to early-stage startups and research groups in digital health, well-being, and AI.

AI development is rapid, and as a result, a lot of challenges are arising. These challenges come from multiple directions: predictability of AI-generated content, explainability of AI-made decisions, replicability and learning in modern large language models (LLMs). On top of that, there are a range of ethical considerations that we need to address when designing and implementing AI-powered solutions.

At Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, I use my knowledge and passion for Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction to solve these challenges and deliver the best user experience for Generait, an AI assistant that aims to transform how Law firms and solicitors work.

Working with Generait is a particularly challenging task for me for multiple reasons. Firstly, working in a fast-paced environment where developments in AI are disruptive and knocking on my door nearly every day requires me to stay up to date, constantly be in a loop with my colleagues, and update my skills beyond just user experience and design practices. To deliver better products and experience, I need to have “skin in the game” and expand my knowledge in coding and linguistics. Secondly, I must work with “high inertia” and high standards in law and law practice domains. Partners and solicitors in law firms have high expectations from software, especially when this software has the potential to change their established workflows. A large part of my job is to dive into these established practices and learn about the habits and expectations of our end users. This requires me to learn about their work and build trust and understanding of their work and culture while bringing them the most advanced technology available today. There are a lot of competitors in the field of Generative AI and Law, and there are no right answers yet, so it is challenging and fascinating to do my work.