Hiveminds – Ep09 of The Insight Podcast out now!

Submitted on Wednesday, 27/01/2021

Episode 9 of The Insight Podcast is available now!

Another varied and interesting installment for you this week. Dr Andrew McCarren is collaborating on a project called UPCOM Understanding and Preventing COVID19 Outbreaks in Meat Processing Plants – Prepared for the Future which received SFI funding in its latest Covid 19 Research and Innovation funding round. He spoke to GrĂ¡inne and Louise about the project. Many people will know Alan O’Boyle as Insight’s Finance Manager, but he also has a sideline as a beekeeper. We had to find out more. Finally we spoke to Dr Susan Leavy and Professor Barry O’Sullivan about the research challenge Trustworthy AI, Data and Society.

Now, just to warn you, we will be taking a break for a week just to catch up, but we’ll be back with episode 10 on the 10th of February. It will give you a chance to catch up with any episodes you’ve missed!

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