Crowd4Access update: We need you!

Submitted on Monday, 02/11/2020

Crowd4Access is looking for people to join its mapping workshops during Science Week. The goal is to collect Open Data about the accessibility elements of footpaths in Ireland through pictures and input of data on a map database. All data will be made available as Open Data and can also be used by other researchers and related projects at the end of the project.

The Mapping Workshops teach citizens how to collect information about the accessibility of footpaths in their own neighbourhoods or areas of interest. After these workshops, participants will be invited to join a team of volunteers in mapping the accessibility of Cork, Galway and Dublin. Participants can live anywhere in Ireland by the way, not just those locations. Independent wheelchair and crutch users are particularly encouraged to participate. Carers, assistants and supporters of people with any type of disability are also very welcome.

It’s amazing how much has been done already by a small group. Have a look at the update here.

You can register for the workshops here.