Samuel Kessler

Research assistant

Samuel Kessler is a research assistant/policy analyst under the ASPECT unit in Galway. A George Mitchell Scholar, Sam’s prior work in Ireland conducted mixed-method research supported by the US-Ireland Alliance and the EU WaterLANDS project to form and recommend a national strategic plan for Sphagnum moss farming. His background includes government field research with the U.S. Geological Survey where he analyzed climate data and contaminated groundwater, served as a contracted academic researcher using NASA FLDAS data for Thornthwaite water balances in the Peruvian highlands and analyzing consortium building capacity, managing intake at an environmental defense law firm, leading comparative stream restoration analysis at the ENVIROME Institute in Kentucky, and founding an evidence-based policy think-tank in the state university system. His policy work introduced┬ástate legislation for a tax credit system for upcycling spent grain waste into anaerobic digestion. Sam also has experience in sustainable aquaculture system research. In the private sector, he owns SuperSand Sampler LLC, marketing a patented low-cost water sampling device, and assisting IP market┬ádiscovery for BioProducts LLC. Sam holds an MPP from University College Dublin, a BS in Applied Geography with a focus on Environmental Analysis, a BA in Industrial Ecology & Public Policy, and a Certificate of Applied Geospatial Technologies from the University of Louisville.