Prof. Mathieu d’Aquin


Semantic Web, Linked Data

I’m a Professor of Informatics specialised in data analytics and semantic technologies at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics of the National University of Ireland Galway. I was previously Senior Research Fellow at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University, where I led the Data Science Group.

I’m leading research and development activities around the meaningful sharing and exploitation of distributed information. I have worked on applying the technologies coming out of my research, especially Semantic Web/Linked Data technologies, in various domains including medicine, education especially through learning analytics, Smart Cities & the Internet of Things, personal data management, etc.

Summary of research:

Information overload happens not only when the quantity of information becomes too high to cope with, it is also when it comes from so many different sources that it cannot be put into a meaningful, coherent whole. Mathieu’s research investigates systems that can reduce this problem, by making our digital tools better able to build such meaningful, coherent views over the information we use to play, learn and, generally, interact with our digital world. This ranges from large data infrastructures that handle all the information from large organisations, to knowledge systems such as personal analytics dashboards used by individual web users to manage their own behaviours with respect to learning and information exchange.