Niki Pavlopoulou

Ph.D. Student

I am currently a Ph.D candidate on event-based systems based at National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) under the supervision of Dr. Edward Curry.


Previously, I did a 2-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project in Big Data Analytics at Exonar Ltd with the collaboration of University of Reading focusing on building a Text Mining framework for Big Data (data classification, conceptual search and topic extraction).


My Master in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology was based at University of Manchester, UK. My thesis involved the creation of a Virtual Screening Pipeline for antifungal drug discovery at the Molecular Cancer’s Group of Life Sciences department and the Manchester Fungal Infection Group of the Institute of Inflammation and Repair.


My Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Informatics was based at University of Patras, Greece. My thesis involved the Construction of human protein-protein interaction network and detection of protein complexes using hybrid methods of Computational Intelligence at the Pattern Recognition Laboratory.



1) Pavlopoulou, N. and Curry, E., Towards a Window-based Diverse Entity Summarisation Engine in Publish/Subscribe Systems, EYRE 2019: 2nd International Workshop on Entity Retrieval.

2) Pavlopoulou, N. and Curry, E., Using Embeddings for Dynamic Diverse Summarisation in Heterogeneous Graph Streams, 1st International Conference on Graph Computing (GC), 2019.