Mr. Lorin Christopher Sweeney

Postgraduate Ph.D. Student

I am a PhD student in Computer Science whose primary research interest is media memorability—understanding what makes media in its many modalities memorable, and designing machine learning models to predict how memorable a given piece of media will be—under the supervision of Dr. Graham Healy and Professor Alan Smeaton. Memory is a subject that strikes the soul. After all, memories are the tethering threads that tie us to the world—without them, our sense of self would be severed. Not only is the subject of memory inherently valuable as a result of its proximal nature, the study of memorability is uniquely important due to our lack of metacognitive insight into what we will remember or forget. Even though the nature and constitution of our memories currently remains elusive, and our understanding of what makes one thing more/less memorable than another is still nascent, I believe that a creative combination of neurophysiological tools, such as EEG, and state of the art machine learning methods can help us trim the umbral undergrowth surrounding the subject. With increasing life expectancy and associated prevalence in neurodegenerative disorders, the study of memory; memory formation; and the measuring of memorability, will only increase in importance in broader society and everyday life. While the early diagnosis of memory disorders is currently out of reach, I believe that my research is a step in the right direction.