After completing PhD from DCU Ireland in 2012, I have worked in the industry and academy prior to joining with NUIG. I have experience as a software development engineer in completely agile software development environments, senior engineer – research and prototyping, and postdoc in academic-industry research. In terms of technology, I have expertise in Middleware technologies, Back-end developments, Enterprise applications developments, Model-driven developments, Semantic Web technologies, Ontology developments, and Android developments. Moreover, I have experiences in lecturing, academic administration, research and supervision, thesis examination, publishing and reviewing.

Currently I am working in the area of Blockchain research and developments, and potential future applications. Technologies: Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, Geth, Ganache, JavaScript,Web3.js,  Docker, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer, Java, RESTful Web Services, SAP Hana, SAP Leonardo, Linux


Research Interests : Blockchain, Decentralised Trading, Decentraised Applications, Enterprise Applications, Web Service Business Processes, Semantic Web, Ontology, Model-driven Engineering, Middleware