Imran Khan

Ph.D. Student

Optimisation & Decision Analytics

Almost everyone gives out their personal data to some organisations.  Individuals trust organisations and their employees to maintain the confidentiality of their personal data.  In other words, the individuals are sure that their personal data will remain safe while it is in the organisation and handled by the employees of that organization.  By  ‘safe’ we mean that it won’t be leaked outside organisation and cannot be misused.  However, we have seen incidents where a disgruntled employee has stolen individual personal data and later misused that data.  Once this employee steals the data it is not immediately detected that the data has been stolen. Surveys have reported that sometimes it take years to discover that data has been stolen. Imran and his team are working to make sure that if someone tries to steal individual personal data to misuse it, its get detected on time. For this purpose they use data mining techniques to design detection mechanisms that can be deployed in  organisations so that individual data can remain safe.