Dr Hamda Ajmal


Dr. Hamda is a  postdoctoral researcher at the University of Galway. She is a part of the ‘SafePlan’ research project, which is a collaboration between School of Psychology, University of Galway, National Office for Suicide Prevention, HSE West and DSI, University of Galway. The project aims to develop a mobile application to facilitate service users’ access to mental health support and safety planning. Hamda’s research is focused on using Data Science to analyze the impact of non-pharmaceutical intervention measures taken by the Irish authorities to restrict the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic to the mental health of the Irish population.

Hamda is also a part of the data analytics project “Consolidating multiple disease models at different scales”, that explores the linkages between Agent-Based and Compartmental models to study the transmission of infectious diseases in a population. The current focus of this project is to study the spread of Monkey pox in Ireland and to provide recommendations to the Department of Health on the best vaccination strategies that can minimise the spread of the disease in Ireland.