Dr Kaustubh Agarwal

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Kaustubh is a Post-Doctoral Researcher with the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at University College Cork. He is a part of the group led by Dr. Emanuel Popovici and Dr. Andreas Amann and they are exploring possible applications of quantum computing in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and vice-versa. Problems in EDA are often related to optimization problems such as the Max-cut or the traveling salesman that are NP-hard by nature. This means that there is a non-deterministic polynomial (NP) scaling with the parameter space in computational time to solve them and also check if the answer is correct. In these cases, quantum computers would provide an advantage, hence it is important to develop better quantum algorithms and flows with minimum noise. Turning the problem the other way, they are also interested to see if already established algorithms of machine learning and AI (used extensively in EDA) could help to build better low-noise quantum circuits.

Kaustubh holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Purdue University, Indianapolis, USA, investigating the properties of open quantum systems on photonic and electrical circuit platforms. He completed his MSc degree in physics from Pune University in Pune, India, where he explored the spectral aging of radio jets in a large catalog of radio galaxies and quasars using VLA and GMRT radio telescopes.