Diego Carraro

Ph.D. Student

Recommender Systems

In our daily lives, we use multiple electronic devices to interact with a broad range of apps that connect us with people, products and services. These apps collect data that is used by different companies to infer our habits, preferences and desires, in order to provide us with recommendations, i.e. suggestions about products to purchase, place to visit or news to read.

This data is an immensely valuable resource. But, for the most part, the user doesn’t have control over it. In fact, the user often doesn’t even have access to it.

Diego’s research tries to overturn this situation. What if we were the owners of our data, with full access and full control? What if we had the power to negotiate with these companies – to exchange our data for services such as good recommendations?

Diego is developing software that will act on our behalf in these negotiations, capable of striking a balance between obtaining useful services such as recommendations on the one hand, and data disclosure on the other hand.