Diego Carraro


Recommender Systems

Diego Carraro is a PhD student at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics since October 2016. In 2015, Diego earned a Master Degree in Computer Engineering at Università degli Studi di Padova, in Padova, a city very close to his home town in Italy. After completing his degree, he worked in a tech company based in Padova, developing software for automated warehouses which automatically store and deliver products in pharmacies.

Since joining the Insight Centre, under the supervision of Dr Derek Bridge, Diego has studied recommender systems. Recommenders are applications that suggest relevant products to users such as movies to watch, songs to listen to, products to buy or anything else depending on the domain of the application. In particular, he applies Active Learning techniques to recommender systems in the attempt to elicit new informative preference from the users that will be used to improve the performance of the recommender.

In his spare time, amongst other things, Diego enjoys reading books, playing and watching football. He is also passionate about whiskey and he loves making new cocktails.