Bianca Pereira

Research Associate

Linked Data

I am research associate at the Applied Innovations Group based at National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). Our goal is to understand how Insight technology can be applied to solve industry needs.

I have also been very active in Outreach activities to present software development to women of all ages. I co-organised the Tech4Moms, a series of workshops to present technology and coding targetted at women that left the workforce to take care of their family and would like to be upskilled regarding to technology; and the Insight Girls Hackathon, where I teach secondary school students how to develop websites.

I have obtained a Masters in Engineering from NUIG in 2017 with a thesis under the title of “Knowledge Base Segmentation for Entity Linking with Linked Data”, and a MSc. in Informatics in 2012 from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) at the Knowledge Engineering Group with the work “Named Entity Resolution using Linked Data Resources”. Both thesis target the gap between research and industry in Natural Language Processing applications. While researchers focus on extraction of entities using Wikipedia, companies want to detect their own entities of interest. The 2012 thesis introduces an end-to-end Entity Linking approach that is adaptable to different Linked Data Knowledge Bases, whereas the recent thesis explores Knowledge Base Segmentation strategies based on popularity, context, and coherence in order to find the best link between text and generic Linked Data Knowledge Bases.

Before, I received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2010 from UFRJ with the work “Detecting Patterns and Structures in Textual Descriptions of Gene Ontology Terms”. In this undergraduate project we aimed at detecting relations in the textual description of terms in the Gene Ontology that are not expressed in the structure of the Ontology.

I have acquired experience in academic and enterprise environments. In the academic environment, I conducted research as part of research projects such as EuroSentiment and LODBr. In the enterprise environment, I worked as an intern in Microsoft Research under the supervision of Silviu Cucerzan in 2015 and previously in diverse other companies dealing with: development of Competency Skills Evaluation systems and other systems using Java programming language; deployment of portals using Drupal as Content Management System; and in the deployment of server solutions.

My current research interests are:

  • Semantic Modelling in Distributed Architectures (particularly Microservices and Blockchain).
  • Self-Directed Learning in Graduate Studies
  • Perspectival Entity Linking