Mr. Ankush Shirsath

Commercialisation Support Officer

I am an Engineering graduate in Biotechnology with European (Msc) Masters in Food Science Technology and Nutrition. I have worked for two different Enterprise Ireland Enterprise centres in past. In Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC) I worked as Supply Chain- Research assistant analysing supply chain performance and manufacturing competitiveness of dairy industries in Ireland while identifying global best practices using Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR). I am an APICS-SCOR certified supply chain professional.

Recently I worked with Meat Technology Ireland (MTI) as Research officer- New Market Opportunities, where focus was to identify, assess and prioritise market opportunities for beef and sheep meat (including new products, new markets, new customers, and new value streams) which drives effective utilisation of meat co-products generated in Irish meat industries while paving the way for circular sustainable bioeconomy.   I am a PMP certified project management professional with approximately 6 years of experience in collaborative research and project management.

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Bovine and ovine meat co-products valorisation opportunities: A systematic literature review

Trends in Food Science & Technology