Andrew Donohoe

Research Assistant

Personal Sensing

Working as an Analytical Chemist as part of the Adaptive Sensors Group at Insight Centre for Data Analytics Dublin. This works consists of the development and validation of future sensors for monitoring environmental waters. The environmental sensors being developed aim to measure key nutrient levels in the water, primarily Phosphates, Nitrites and Nitrates in natural waters (rivers, coastal, estuarine and waste water.). When left undetected high levels can cause pollution events such as algal blooms and fish kills, these sensors aim to detect these events quicker than traditional methods of manual water sample collection and analysis in lab, which is both labour and cost intensive. Theses nutrients are detected using colorimetric chemistries where a water sample is mixed with a chemical reagent and a colour change occurs, this colour change can be used to detect the concentrations in the water e.g. Nitrite reacts to form a pink colour, the darker the colour the more Nitrite present. The sensors being developed aim to detect these colour changes automatically using a series of pumps and valves for sampling water from the environment and novel microfluidic sensing technologies with low cost LED lights to measure the changes.