Achille Zappa

Research Associate

Semantic Web, Linked Data

I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Insight @ University of Galway.

I received my BSC/MSC degree in Biomedical Engineering and my PHD in Bioengineering from the University of Genoa (Italy), my PHD project was related to Semantic Web integration, knowledge engineering and data management of Biomedical and Genomic data

My research interests include Semantic Web Technologies, Semantic Data Mashup, Linked Data, Big Data Management, Knowledge Engineering, Big Data Integration, Semantic Integration in Life Sciences & Health Care, Workflow Management, IoT Semantic Interoperability, IoT Semantic Data & Systems Integration.

I am the W3c Advisory Committee representative for Insight Centre @ University of Galway. I am member of w3c groups like the HCLS IG, the Web of Things (WoT) IG and WG, the Spatial Data on the Web WG.

I work with the main Insight Linked Data and Semantic Web Groups and with the UIoT (Internet of Things and Stream Processing Unit) Unit, addressing collaboration with different units and involvement in various projects. Wseek to develop a general-purpose Linked Data Analytics platform, which enables (a) flexible and scalable data integration mechanisms, and (b) flexible use and reuse of data analytics components such as visualization components and analytics methods.

I have an extensive expertise of applying Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data Principles in Health Care & Life Sciences domains.

I worked also in two joint projects in collaboration with Industry Company like RTE and Fujitsu. The Fujitsu project KI2NA (Knowledge Integration 2 enable Network Applications) aims at building a platform to enable the develop of big linked data applications through a combination of Linked Data concepts and novel approaches to knowledge representation, extraction and analysis. The research project is undertaken in collaboration between Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd (Japan), Fujitsu Laboratories Europe (UK), Fujitsu Ireland and Insight at Galway.

I am member of various International  Societies (W3c, ISCB, HVP, BITS, Force11, AIOTI..) with publications in impacted peer reviewed international journals and participation to international conferences and workshops.

I was part of the H2020 BIG IoT Project, The objective of the BIG IoT project is to ignite vibrant Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems. Due to the fragmentation of IoT platforms, no broadly accepted professional IoT ecosystems exist. The goal of this project is to overcome these hurdles by Bridging the Interoperability Gap of the IoT and by creating marketplaces for service and application providers as well as platform operators. We address the interoperability gap by defining a generic, unified Web API for smart object platforms, called the BIG IoT API. The establishment of a marketplace where platform, application, and service providers can monetize their assets will introduce an incentive to grant access to formerly closed systems and lower market entry barriers for developers and service providers.

In the BIG IoT H2020 Project I am leading the main Tasks for development of Semantic Interoperability and Application Domain Models and I am leading the Working Package for the Dissemination and Standardization.

I worked in the ACTIVAGE Project H2020; ACTIVAGE is a European Multi Centric Large Scale Pilot on Smart Living Environments. The main objective is to build the first European IoT ecosystem across 9 Deployment Sites (DS) in seven European countries, reusing and scaling up underlying open and proprietary IoT platforms, technologies and standards, and integrating new interfaces needed to provide interoperability across these heterogeneous platforms, that will enable the deployment and operation at large scale of Active & Healthy Ageing IoT based solutions and services, supporting and extending the independent living of older adults in their living environments, and responding to real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities. The project will deliver the ACTIVAGE IoT Ecosystem Suite (AIOTES), a set of Techniques, Tools and Methodologies for interoperability at different layers between heterogeneous IoT Platforms and an Open Framework for providing Semantic Interoperability of IoT Platforms for AHA, addressing trustworthiness, privacy, data protection and security. User-demand driven interoperable IoT-enabled Active & Healthy Ageing solutions will be deployed on top of the AIOTES in every DS, enhancing and scaling up existing services, for the promotion of independent living, the mitigation of frailty, and preservation of quality of life and autonomy. ACTIVAGE will assess the socio-economic impact, the benefits of IoT-based smart living environments in the quality of life and autonomy, and in the sustainability of the health and social care systems, demonstrating the seamless capacity of integration and interoperability of the IoT ecosystem, and validating new business, financial and organizational models for care delivery, ensuring the sustainability after the project end, and disseminating these results to a worldwide audience. The consortium comprises industries, research centres, SMEs, service providers, public authorities encompassing the whole value chain in every Deployment Site.

Now I am Project Manager in the ICT13 H2020 i3-MARKET Project. The Project addresses the growing demand for a single European Data Market Economy by innovating marketplace platforms, demonstrating with industrial implementations that the data economy growth is possible. The i3-MARKET consortium works towards providing technologies for trustworthy (secure and reliable), data-driven collaboration and federation of existing and new future marketplace platforms, with special attention on industrial data and particularly on sensitive commercial data assets from both SMEs to large industrial corporations. It is well known that despite various research and innovation attempts working on Big Data management and sharing, there is no broadly accepted trusted and secure solution for federation of data marketplaces. i3-MARKET is addressing this gap by developing lacking technologies and solutions for a trusted (secure, self-governing, consensus-based and auditable), interoperable (semantic-driven) and decentralised (scalable) infrastructure, the i3-MARKET Backplane, that enables federation via interoperability of the existing and future emerging data spaces and marketplaces. The i3-MARKET project innovates industry solutions by developing lacking building blocks to overcome the barriers on interoperable and integrative data marketplaces. Architecturally speaking, i3-MARKET uses trusted, federated and decentralised software components, enabling the integration of other marketplaces. The i3-MARKET architecture is designed to enable secure and privacy preserving data sharing across data spaces and marketplaces, through the deployment of a backplane across operational data marketplaces. The Project is implementing and integrating the i3-MARKET backplane in three industrial domains (Industrial pilots), which will examine the viability of the implementation, test its reliability and validate whether it’s scalable in real industrial environments: Manufacturing leaded by SIEMENS, Automotive leaded by ATOS and Wellbeing leaded by IBM.