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Professor Alan Smeaton on The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence Report

Insight's Professor Alan Smeaton was discussing a report by 26 experts on the threat of AI falling into the wrong hands. The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence Report is a major publication with institutions such as the EFF, the University of Oxford and the Future of Humanity Institute taking part. RTE and Silicon Republic asked Prof Smeaton for his views.

He said,“The report is really valuable because it has the backing of so many important organisations and people, and it’s really timely because people are starting to get spooked about what AI or data analytics might actually be able to do.”

However, he also explained, “What the report doesn’t do is make a distinction between what can and cannot be regulated about future (mis)use of our own data, which is used to power the data analytics which we call artificial intelligence. Regulating the use of our data is being addressed through the EU-wide GDPR legislation coming into force in May of this year. Ethical use and misuse is not regulated, and that’s what spooks people.”

You can read the Silicon Republic article here and you can watch the RTE Six One News report here.