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Girls Hack Ireland! June 2015 #GirlsHackIreland

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics, alongside Intel Ireland and Silicon Republic, are holding a GIRLS Hardware Hackathon event!

Date: Saturday 20th June 2015
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: Merrion Square, Dublin, as part of the Inspire Fest 2015 Fringe activities

So what’s it all about?
Why should boys get to have all the fun? Science, engineering, technology and maths are areas that are mainly populated by boys - so we want to help even the score and show girls why these subjects are exciting, accessible and absolutely for GIRLS! The Girls Hack Ireland Hackathon aims to show girls how creative you can be in technology, as well as introduce them to many, many female mentors currently working in Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths careers.
This will be a day filled with fun, techy extravaganzas, learning new tricks, creating new things and meeting lots of interesting people.

Who can attend?.
The event is open to any and all teenage girls that are available on the day, and want to learn about the cool, crazy world of technology.
This event is geared towards 13 - 17 year old girls, and all participants must have a parent/guardian with them for the workshop.

How do I get tickets?
You can get your tickets from Event Brite

Follow us on Twitter @GirlsHackIE or get involved by using #GirlsHackIreland

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