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Web-based Physical Activity Interventions for Older Adults: A Review


Hazwani Mohd Monads, Nazlena Mohamad Ali, Suzana Shahar, Alan Smeaton

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Most web-based physical activity interventions were built based on the principles of universal design but may have overlooked age-related impairments experienced by older adults. Thus, it is important to know how successful such web-based interventions are in enhancing older adults’ physical activity levels despite these shortcomings. The objective of this study is to review published literature regarding interactive web-based interventions promoting physical activity among older adults. EBSCOhost, ISI Web of Science and ScienceDirect databases were searched to identify relevant peer- reviewed papers. Results were summarized in a qualitative way. We included 15 papers reporting on web-based interventions with physical activity components. Ten and two studies respectively indicated positive and negative outcomes, while the outcomes of the remaining three studies are unclear. Despite the fact that computer illiteracy and age-related impairments can both be experienced, there is preliminary evidence that suggests that web-based interventions are effective in encouraging physical activity among older adults.
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4th International Visual Informatics Conference,
Proceedings of the 4th International Visual Informatics Conference,
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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