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We have the Cloud, we have the Internet of Things, now, Irish researchers are making the "Fog of Things" a reality

Many IoT devices such as sensors do not have a high computing capacity. The Fog of Things is a term, defined by CISCO a few years back, to describe the use of cloud computing infrastructures to increase the capacity of these IoT devices. The Fog of Things transforms non-smart devices into smart devices and now, it is a reality. Insight researchers in collaboration with Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), a Brazilian University, have adapted this concept to the Internet of Things by bringing cloud computing capacity to IoT devices by means of Data Virtualisation, Semantic Modelling and Cloud Computing Capacity at the device level.

A conference paper co-authored by Dr. Cassio Prazeres, Jurandir Barbosa, Leandro Andrade and Dr. Martin Serrano, entitled “Design and Implementation of a Message-Service Oriented Middleware for Fog of Things Platforms" was presented at the 2017 32nd ACM SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, April 4-6, Marrakech, Morocco 2017. For the first time, this paper described an implemented solution to the Fog of Things (FoT). This publication demonstrates the capacity of the both institutions to design, implement and deploy industry concepts. This implemented work complements the research work presented in a previous publication introducing the design methodology for the Fog of Things called "SOFT” Self-Organised Fog of Things, a Software Oriented architecture for the Internet of Things. SOFT-IoT enables interoperability of local ecosystems in the fog and also at the cloud level, where other data is stored, processed and complex operations are resolved. SOFT-IoT was published at the workshop from the 2016 30th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshop (2016 AINA Workshop),

Dr. Cassio Prazeres was a visiting research between 2015 and 2016 at the Insight Cenre for Data Analytics and during this time together with Dr. Martin Serrano, he worked on the Fog of Things design and implementation. Dr. Prazeres said, “The quality of the research and the research environment at Insight facilitates the invention and innovation necessary for understanding emergent technologies like IoT”

Dr Serrano, Scientific Head of Unit on Internet of Things and Stream Processing said, "The Internet of Things is evolving rapidly and new paradigms like Fog of Things will also contribute for defining the new steps in the scientific evolution towards the Internet of Things Science or the Science of Things.”