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Undergraduate Internships

Insight Undergraduate Internships 2018

Insight offers a number of paid internships, during the summer (majority 1st June - 31st Aug 2018), designed for undergraduate students to participate and contribute to exciting research projects. The internships are based in one of the academic institutions associated with Insight (DCU, NUIGalway, UCC, UCD and TCD) and complements the many research programmes within Insight.
Applications are now open and the deadline for applications is extended to March 29th 2018 - online application form here.

Project Descriptions

Please check back for new projects which may be added over the coming days.
Supervisor: Prof. Brian Caulfield and Ciara Duignan, based in UCD


The primary aim of the Insight undergraduate internship is to offer exceptional undergraduate students the opportunity to participate and contribute to exciting research projects at Insight which allows the student to use leading research facilities and to inspire these students to take the first step on a path to a research career.
Through the Insight Undergraduate Internship, interns will be:
  • Given the opportunity to undertake research in a co-operative environment;
  • Introduced to research via relevant and stimulating real-world applications which will be used in ongoing research projects;
  • Exposed to new research problems, interdisciplinary research exploration as well as the use of high-tech equipment;
  • Given groundwork in basic research skills, which will assist the interns in transforming the internship experience into a long term plan for research career options;
The Insight Undergraduate Internship will:
  • Stimulate enrollment in graduate studies via the involvement of talented undergraduate students in scientific investigation under mentorship of researchers and prepare scholars for graduate studies;
  • Raise awareness and understanding of defined Insight research themes;
  • Develop showcase examples that will allow us to tell the story of our research to the wider lay community;  

Terms and Conditions

  • Each project in the Insight Undergraduate Internship programme will run for 3 months during the summer.
  • The host institutions (DCU, NUIGalway, UCC and UCD) have many facilities available for interns including library, sports facilities, laboratories and technical support.
  • The disability support services from the three institutions offer a range of learning support to students registered with the service and it will be available to the Insight interns.

Funding available for Insight interns

Each student will receive either a tax-free stipend (if applicable) of €1,200 monthly, or be paid a similar wage.


Insight internships are only open to undergraduate students attending universities within the EU. In order to be eligible for the Insight Undergraduate Internship, students should fit the following criteria:

  • Students should be registered for a honours bachelors degree (NFQ level 8) in a subject related to Insight research themes
  • Students should be 2nd, 3rd or final year students

Application Procedure

To apply for any of the above Insight undergraduate internship projects, please fill out the online application here.

For any queries please contact