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Solving a real world NP-hard scheduling problems to optimality

Stryker Corporation is a Fortune 500 medical technologies firm. The goal of our project is to schedule production of Parts by Grinders in the Stryker Instrument plant in Carrigtwohill, Co Cork. The objective is to maximize the number of days the company can sell products form the inventory without running out of parts. Our current solution divide the problem in two phases and solve them with MIP and a greedy algorithm. To reduce the size of the MIP and the search space we implemented a bound on the number of batches produced of each variable. This allows us to obtain an optimal solution respecting the deadlines. It would be really useful to get new ideas and feedback from our colleagues to keep improving this solution. This is the main reason of this presentation.
Speaker Name: 
Andrea Visentin
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PhD student at Insight Centre for Data Analytics
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Seminar Date: 
Friday, 5 August, 2016 (All day)
Seminar Location: 
WGB 2.16