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Smart pack: Development and integration of a carbon dioxide sensor in meat packages using a SmartPhone App for freshness detection.

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European Union - Framework Programme
The main objective of SmartPack is to develop an intelligent packaging label that will alert the customer of the meat freshness, simply taking a picture with a smartphone and using the SmartPack app to check the quality of the meat. In a normal environment, meat products are packed in a modified atmosphere, which typically consists of a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide optimised [1] for the food being packaged. This modified atmosphere inhibits the early deterioration of meat products, allowing for longer shelf life. However, currently there is not any way to know if this modified atmosphere has been consistent or if the meat has already started to deteriorate. The level of CO2 inside the package is an indicator of freshness. If the CO2 level changes during storage it is a clear indicator that bacteria are growing inside the package and / or the package is not well sealed and the modified atmosphere has been compromised.
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The Discovery Economy-The Analytical Society
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Dublin City University (DCU)