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SFI's EPE requirements for Insight researchers

Education and public engagement is an important part of what we do here in Insight. Science Foundation Ireland has issued guidelines about what is expected of their researchers in this regard. See below. 

All researchers, including PhD, Post Doc, FI and PIs, must complete at least 4 of the following per year:

  • Contribution to a website, online portal or creation of a blog linked to your research and/or creation and upkeep of social media profile (on appropriate channels available to a lay audience)
  • Development of online/social media portals, games, apps, websites and/or cross-platform projects
  • Participation in training programmes to build the capacity of researchers to communicate to and engage with the public
  • Preparation of information leaflets, newsletters or articles for a lay audience
  • Development of and/or delivery of small scale school interactions and open lab days, including prop development
  • Creation of teaching materials and/or development of teaching methods to support teachers and students at primary and post primary level
  • Collaboration and/or participation in festivals and events run within your research institution
  • Collaboration and/or participation in public engagement activities with museums, galleries or public access venues
  • Running citizen science experiments or research
  • Contribution to broadcast or media productions including TV, film, animation or radio helping embed research and discovery in the everyday lexicon of Irish culture
  • STEM public engagement workshops, events, debates and discussions
  • Creation of situations facilitating dialogue with policy makers and wider stakeholders to ensure research informs or influences changes in policy and legislation
  • Provision of opportunities to engage the public and wider stakeholders to ensure research informs or influences changes in behaviour or practice
  • Consultation with stakeholders/communities affected by the research to inform the research process
  • Building the capacity of stakeholders and communities affected by the research to identify and communicate their needs, with potential to influence the direction of the research