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Research Assistant - Knowledge Graph Construction

Insight, NUI Galway are in a collaboration with Fujitsu Laboratories, Limited. The collaboration focuses on research and development in the area of knowledge discovery and explanation from open biomedical data (e.g., drug and protein databases or scientific publications). As a part of the programme we are looking for a research assistant who will be located in Galway, Ireland and will help us with knowledge graph construction (extraction, consolidation and cleansing). The research will be realised in close collaboration with Fujitsu Laboratories in Japan and Fujitsu business units. This will be an exciting role with the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research that is immediately being applied in realistic proof of concepts as a part of our ongoing collaborations with experts in biology, medicine and pharmacology.


At a high level the chosen candidate will need to have the following capabilities:  

        - ability to work within a team of researchers based locally in Ireland and internationally (Fujitsu Labs in Japan),

        - ability to work on industrially relevant research within multinational academic research settings,

        - experience with extraction of machine-readable contents from structured and unstructured data,

        - experience with data and knowledge integration and cleansing.

The person will be hired as an Insight researcher on a contract basis for the period of the current research project which will be until July, 2018 with a possibility of an extension in a follow-up programme.

Essential Skills: 

- working knowledge of the following data analytics sub-fields:

        * data and knowledge integration

        * data cleansing

        * RDF, Linked Data and/or Semantic Web

        * ETL processes, with special emphasis on anything-to-RDF transformations

- hands-on experience with graphs (e.g., RDF) processing

- knowledge of Python

- hands-on experience with virtualisation (e.g., Vagrant or Docker) and deployment of applications in cloud environments (such as AWS)


- BSc degree in Computer Science, Engineering or similar; in exceptional cases, relevant industrial experience can substitute a third-level academic degree

- any of the following specific computer science experience is an advantage:

        * knowledge representation

        * experience with data analytics and scientific computing tools like Pandas, scikit-learn, NumPy or SciPy

        * natural language processing

        * high-performance computing (multi-processing, distributed computation)


Candidates should submit the following materials (in a single PDF file) by email to Dr. Vit Novacek (, with the subject line 'TOMOE RA 2017':

        - A statement of interest describing your relevant background and skills and why you are interested in this position.

        - A current curriculum vitae.

        - The name and contact information for three references. Letters of reference will only be solicited for shortlisted candidates.


For further information or informal enquiries regarding this position please email Vit (

Application End Date: 
Friday, 15 September, 2017