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Read Brendan Smith on running coding workshops in refugee camps

Brendan Smith, Insight's EPE manager based in NUI Galway has written about his experience of running coding workshops for people living in refugee camps all over the world. In this week's Galway Advertiser, Smith details his time in Jordan's Al Zaatari refugee camp and the people he met while there. In the introduction to the piece Smith writes, "In an effort to help refugees living within the Middle East, a small number of individuals from Galway in February 2016 became part of an ambitious digital learning programme designed to bring computer coding skills to thousands of children, teenagers and teachers living in camps and districts across the region. Known as Refugee Code Week (RCW ) the initiative, led by the German software corporation SAP in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency(UNHCR ) and the Galway Education Centre, has developed course content and provided teams of IT volunteers from across three continents to upskill teachers from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries in delivering coding programmes to young refugees and the youth of host nations from eight years to twenty years of age." You can read the full article here.