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Photo-chemopropulsion – light-stimulated movement of microdroplets


Larisa Florea, Klaudia Wagner, Pawel Wagner, Gordon G. Wallace, David L. Officer, Fernando Benito-Lopez, Dermot Diamond

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The ability to selectively transport chemical species in a controlled fashion, typically against chemical and electrochemical gradients, has been the cornerstone of the development of complex natural systems. While transport over short distances (e.g. intracellular) is typically achieved by cargo-carrying motor proteins acting like conveyor belts in a factory, active transport through natural fluids requires a biological “motor” to drive a carrier through the fluid resembling a miniature submarine. Emulating this latter approach in synthetic fluidic systems, we developed an inanimate/chemical system in which an organic droplet is self-propelled in response to a photo-stimulus. The centimetre-scale directional movement of the organic droplet on the aqueous solution is powered by the combination of photo-induced pH change and surface tension effects1.
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WGs/ESR COST Meeting in Ingelfingen
WGs/ESR COST Meeting in Ingelfingen
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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