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Oliver Daniels congratulates Orreco on $2m investment

Insight CEO Oliver Daniels has congratulated Irish sports and data science company Orreco on securing $2m (€1.9m) investment from the Silicon Valley-based True Ventures.

Orreco and Insight collaborate on advanced data science research on the harvesting, analysis and advice generation of human performance data. Bringing together blood biomarker, training load, nutritional, sleep and wellness data while incorporating unstructured data and repositories of knowledge in sports science, Orreco and Insight are developing technologies that will change how elite athletes live, train, perform and recover.

Insight was also involved in last year's Orreco Science Summit which featured the world’s top experts in elite sports performance, sports medicine, nutrition and data science.

The investment is a significant win for Orreco, which was set up in 2010 by doctors Brian Moore and Andrew Hodgson.

Orreco uses machine intelligence to help improve athletic performance and reduce incidences of illness and injury. The company's data solutions have already gained significant traction with professional sports stars in Formula 1, on the PGA golf tour and with players and teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and English Premier League, as well as with Olympic sports competitors.

You can read more about the investment on Silicon Republic here.