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NAPES:Next Generation Analytical Platforms for Environmental Sensing

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FP7 NMP.2013.1.2-1
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European Union - Framework Programme
In recent years, using good systems integration, DCU has built, deployed, and validated autonomous chemical analyser platforms for a fraction of the current market unit cost (ca. 10% at €250 for all components). DCU has developed a series of such platforms for phosphate, ammonia, nitrate, chemical oxygen demand (COD), pH and other priority environmental targets, based on well-known but reliable reagent chemistries and low-cost LED detection. Some of these have already been licensed to TEL. However, these evolutionary improvements, while significant (and of great interest to industry), cannot provide the degree of scale-up required to realise the vision of reliable ubiquitous environmental sensing.
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Connected Health-Connecting Health & Life Sciences
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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