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Ireland a global “hot-bed” for AI talent, says InsideSales chief

One of Insight's industry partners InsideSales made headlines late last week when its CEO stated that Ireland is set to become a key destination for scouting the latest AI and machine learning data scientists.

Utah based AI firm InsideSales is currently undergoing an international expansion strategy, and now has offices in Reading (UK), two in North America (Boston and San Mateo) two in Utah (Salt Lake City and Provo) and will soon be opening a new one in Ireland.

The company announced previously, that although the company has yet to pick a location for its Ireland office, the sales acceleration platform plans to hire a staff of 120. The professionals would work on product development and engineering, sales and sales operations, and back office teams over the next three years.

The company has a long-term goal to create a worldwide centre of excellence for AI and machine learning in Ireland.

“One of the reasons we opened an office in Ireland was because we did a lot of market analysis to find where there was the most and the best talent,” explained Elkington. “In North America, there is just so much demand for the talent, making it difficult. We looked all over the world, looking for two things. What geographies had large population bases of data scientists and which were growing at the fastest rate.

He continued: “Spain had a very large population, but they didn’t have a lot of growth, which meant they all had jobs. In Ireland, we found that it wasn’t the biggest population base, but it was number three in terms of the growth rate. That means there would be a lot of new data scientists emerging in that region and was one of the key reasons we decided to open an office there.”

As part of InsideSales’ move it will partner with the Insight Centre, a step that was announced in January of this year. You can read the full story on AccessAI here.