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Internet of Things: Insight’s researchers contribute to Europe’s Strategic Research Agenda

Insight researchers have made a major contribution to Europe’s strategic agenda for the Internet of Things (IoT).


Dr Martin Serrano, leads the IoT research group in Insight@NUI Galway. He is also coordinator of the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things for Service Openness and Semantic Interoperability.


Last month, Lisbon hosted IoT Week 2015 where the European Research Cluster for the Internet of Things (IERC) launched the Strategic Research and Innovation agenda (SRIA) for 2016-2020.


The SRIA aims to provide a broad overview of various topics of Internet of Things (IoT), ranging from research, innovation and development priorities to enabling technologies, nano-electronics, cyber-physical systems, architecture, interoperability and industrial applications.


As part of the SRIA Dr. Serrano and his research team presented global views and state of the art results about the challenges facing the latest expected developments for large scale deployments, innovation, development and deployment of large scale IoT solutions, such as Smart City Management OS, SMARkeT Retails and Connected Smart Cities Models.