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Insight's Dr Nasim Mahmud talks to BBC radio

A 20 year-old computer hacker was recently jailed in the UK for carrying out a significant number of cyber-attacks on various websites, including that of his own college. He also sold the software that he developed to carry out these cyber-attacks.

We are experiencing an increasing number of hacks on personal accounts such as Facebook ID hacking and BBC Bangla Radio (London Studio) wanted to explore a number of issues around cyber-attacks and hacking. They also wanted to raise awareness about how common users could be affected.

Insight’s Dr. Nasim Mahmud (Assistant Professor at ULAB, on sabbatical) was interviewed about these issues. He explained how common users can remain safe and secure in cyber-space. He also discussed, despite the development newer sophisticated computer algorithms and security measures, how hackers benefit from the common users’ lack of security awareness, and then attack targeted users on the online social media.

An online audio and text (Bangla) can be found here.