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Insight's Brendan Smith profiled in the Galway Advertiser

Insight's EPE Manager Brendan 'Speedie' Smith is the subject of an extended profile in today's Galway Advertiser. In the profile, Smith recalls his days as NUI Galway Student Union President where he championed LGBT rights and access to contraception, much to the horror of the college authorities. He spoke about the campaign to allow students vote in their town of residence rather than having to travel home - something which was instrumental in getting a young Michael D Higgins elected. He also told the story of being sentenced to six months in prison when he was managing Galway pub Monroe's because he made condoms available to the public. The sentence was dropped when the Government legalised condoms. He also spoke about his efforts in education anad public engagement which involved championing science in the primary school curriculum , setting up coding groups and pushing for coding to be introduced as a subject in schools. Cybersafety is another big area of interest and Smith is also a passionate campaigner for environmental issues. You can read the full article here.