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Insight/IBM secures EU's largest machine learning and data mining event for Dublin 2018

EU's largest machine learning and data mining event is coming to Dublin

The largest event in the European machine learning and data mining calendar comes to Dublin in 2018, following a successful co-bid by the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and IBM Research- Ireland. 

 The Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland’s national data research institute comprising 400 data scientists, made the successful bid in partnership with IBM Research - Ireland at this year’s event in Riva Del Garda in Italy.

 ECML/PKDD 2018 is expected to attract at least 600 science and industry delegates from all over Europe to a flagship Dublin venue due to be announced next year.

Data scientists will discuss new techniques to enable machines to learn from data and their environment. Major topics at recent conferences include ‘deep learning’, a method central to IBM Watson or to Google Deepmind AlphaGo. 


Other areas explored at the event include ‘reinforcement learning’ which allows robots to update their knowledge as they interact in the world and ‘network analysis’ to extract knowledge from social media interactions and learn people's preferences. The Insight Centre and IBM Research-Ireland worked closely with Fáilte Ireland and Keynote PCO on developing the bid for ECML/PKDD. The event will take place over five days in September 2018.

"The event, sponsored by industry giants such as Google, IBM, Deloitte and Siemens, will copper fasten Ireland’s position as a European leader in data research," says Insight’s Dr Neil Hurley, who led the bid alongside IBM’s Dr Michele Berlingerio. 


"This is an important win for Dublin, especially this week as the Web Summit opens its doors in Lisbon,” says Dr Hurley. “It signifies the standing of our data and machine learning research in Europe. Our ability to attract prestige events like the ECML/PKDD conference proves that Ireland is a competitive tech hub in Europe, with the research clout that makes us a natural home for an event of this stature." ​

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