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Insight at the National Ploughing Championships

Insight's Begum Genc, Anne-Marie George, Yves Sohege and Dr Chrys Ngwa were out in force at the National Ploughing Championships last week.

Big Data is changing every aspect of society and industry and farming is no different. Insight will be to the fore of this revolution that people are calling Agri-4.0. 

Insight's demo at the Ploughing Championships  illustrated the use of autonomous vehicles as driverless farming tractors and the use of drones as vision platforms to monitor animals and plants in the field. Such systems can cultivate, plan, spray, mow, etc with minimal operator intervention. Software and real-time data analytics can for example allow an autonomous ploughing tractor to plot and optimise the most efficient paths across a field.

Drones and advanced AI image recognition  systems will be used to detect and identify animals in the field. Large autonomous drone platforms will be used for spraying or for monitoring soil composition for optimal crop rotation.

The possibilities are endless. These systems can be operated and managed on a more sustainable manner to reduce the overall energy footprint of the farm. There will come a time when these autonomous vehicles will be driven by energy from wind and photo-voltaics (PV) farms as they could be charged overnight to be deployed the next day. Exciting times in farming!