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Forensic Investigation of Tomtom Application on Android Mobile devices


Mark Roeloffs, Nhien-An Le-Khac, Tahar Kechadi

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In the forensic field of digital technology, there has been a great deal of investigation into the decoding of navigation systems of the brand TomTom. As TomTom is the market leader in navigation systems, a large number of these devices are investigated. These devices can hold an abundance of significant location information. Currently, it is possible with the use of multiple methods to make physical copies of mobile devices running Android. The next great forensic problem is all the various programs that can be installed on these devices. There is now an application available from the company TomTom in the Google Play Store. This application mimics a navigation system on your Android mobile device. Indeed, the TomTom application on Android can hold a great deal of information. In this paper, we present a process of forensic acquisition and analysis of the TomTom Android application. We focus on the following questions: Is there a possibility to find previously driven routes or GPS coordinates with timestamps in the memory of the mobile device? To investigate what is stored in these files, driving tests were performed. During these driving tests a copy was made of the most important file using a self-written program. The significant files were found and the data in these files was decoded. We show and analyse our results with Samsung mobile devices. We compare also these results with forensic acquisition from TomTom GPS devices.
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10th Annual IFIP WG International Conference on Digital Forensics
10th Annual IFIP WG International Conference on Digital Forensics
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)
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