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Enerport - New Insight partnership aims to enable peer to peer trading of renewable energy

Insight's new partnershop with the International Energy Research Centre (IERC), Enerport was widely reported over the weekend. EnerPort is a new project that was launched this week at the IERC annual conference in Cork and it envisages a future where Irish consumers will be able to gift or sell their solar power across their neighbourhood. 

It aims to accelerate peer-to-peer energy trading in Ireland through blockchain. Led by the IERC, and in partnership with Science Foundation Ireland’s Insight Centre at NUI Galway, EnerPort also involves a number of indigenous companies, including Systemlink Technologies, MSemicon and Verbatm.

Insight’s John Breslin said, “The possibilities are huge; being able to gift some of your electricity to a friend, sell some of your solar or wind power to a neighbour and more.”

Peer-to-peer trading of solar energy across Ireland using blockchain technology is about to become a thing. 

You can read the full Silicon Republic article here. It was also reported in Irish Tech News here.