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Education and Public Engagement

The Education and Public Engagement remit within Insight is very broad and ranges from communication between the internal and external Insight environment, public relations and marketing activities, recruitment of postgraduate students, the provision of educational seminars to Insight researchers, and outreaching to industry in the form of industry placements for Insight postgraduate students. Therefore, education and public engagement activities within Insight are directed both inwards and outwards.

The overall educational & public engagement mission of Insight is to inspire, excite and motivate an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) in people of all ages and to help lay the foundations for a new generation of scientists, technologists and innovators. As well as this, the Insight Education and Public Engagement programme assists in raising the profile of scientific research within Ireland.


Focus on Universities
Insight plays a leading role in training future generations of data analytic students.
At present, its' partner universities offer 18 postgraduate Masters and Higher Diploma programmes in information technology and data analytics, with students benefiting from placements with the Insight centres. In addition, over 150 PhD students and Post doctoral researchers working in the field of data analytics.

The formal education programmes are reinforced by the provision of educational seminars, undergraduate internships, communication workshops and industrial placements for our students. Researchers are given the skills to become national ambassadors of technology visiting second level schools to talk about their experiences and passing on advice to students.

Undergraduate Internships 2015


Focus on Schools (Click for more details)
Designing projects to enthuse and to teach young people on how Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can change the world for the better is a key objective of Insight. The centre operates an extensive Outreach programme for primary and post-post primary schools across Ireland involving computer coding courses, local heritage digital archiving activities, mobile apps workshops  and inter-school science debates. Personnel from the institute also give talks to young people on such topics as the importance of innovation, Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Awareness, and on the exciting career opportunities being presented in our ever-changing world. Click here for an summary of the institute's Schools Outreach projects.


Focus on Community (Click for more details)
Increasing public awareness of the role of Insight as Ireland's leading research centre for the study of Data Analytics; its progressive impact in key areas such as healthcare, work and leisure; and its contributions towards developing a sustainable knowledge-based economy and society are key objectives of the institute's Outreach remit.

Insight liaise with and supports local digital makers clubs such as Coderdojos, 091Labs and Hacker-space, and organise. in conjunction with the Central Statistics Office, Apps4Gaps, the first all Ireland mobile app competition.  We also actively engage with a diverse range of communities, including cultural, gender-based and neighbourhood organisations as well as those considered ‘socially disadvantaged’, in providing meaningful data-driven technology projects that benefit the quality of life of participants and of society generally.

Women in Technology - A Hidden History


Computer & Communications Museum of Ireland

The Computing and Communications Museum of Ireland provides a fascinating insight into advances in communications from ancient hieroglyphics to today’s Internet.

The array of electronic artifacts on display includes such iconic computers as the DEC PDP 11, Apple II, IBM PC, Amiga, Sinclair ZX81 and the Commodore Vic-20.

There are exhibits too on the development of the portable computer, the printer, the microprocessor, Women in Technology- Hidden Histories and on the Influence of Science Fiction on Technology Development.

This unique technology heritage facility is based at Insight NUI Galway.


Insight Education and Public Engagement Team - Contact

Aoibheann Bird - UCD & DCU

Brendan Smith - NUI Galway

Chrys Ngwa - UCC