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Cross collaboration pays off in Insight@DCU


What do you get when you throw a mix of scientists in a room, shake them up, feed them and challenge them to find solutions to real world issues? Well, based on last year’s event, very feasible solutions resulting in two research grant proposals and nearly €700,000 in funding.



Building on the success of last year, on 2nd July, Insight at DCU held their second annual White Boarding session in the Washerwoman’s Restaurant in Glasnevin.  The purpose of the event was to foster relationships and ideas between the different research strands in the very diverse Insight Centre for Data Analytics.  Six research heads dedicated their time to sitting with researchers they had never worked with before, to tease out ideas for new projects and brainstorm how to successfully apply a wide range of skills to a topic that sparked their interest.  The room was alight with laughter and chatter, as scientists from chemical backgrounds, health and human performance and computing shared their ideas, successes and disciplines with each other.  The teams condensed their projects onto their white boards, and presented back to the rest of the group.


The winning project idea (as voted by the group) involved a solution to the low physical activity rates in gamers, and four of the six other groups showed a passion for improving the productivity and quality levels in agriculture.  

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