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CLIQUE: Graph and Network Analysis Cluster

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SFI SRC programme
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Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
Research in data analysis is being transformed by access to large-scale data resources. An area of particular importance in data analysis is the study of collections of entities and the links between them. Clique ( ) is an SFI-funded Strategic Research Cluster based at DERI and UCD comprising of six academic principal investigators, industry collaborators and collaborating academics that focuses on the analysis and visualisation of large graphs and networks, specifically social networks and biological networks. The research cluster addresses the development of computational techniques for the analysis and visualisation of such network data. Clique addresses four of the core research challenges in network analysis and visualisation. These are the identification of coherent communities, the identification of nodes that have pivotal roles, the identification of network structure that is remarkable or anomalous and the question of how to model and analyse information flow. In particular the research will address datasets that are massive, multi-attribute and dynamic. These research challenges require diverse expertise and Clique brings together experts on three aspects of network analysis, i.e. experts on visualisation, matrix decomposition techniques and probabilistic modelling. Our research agenda is driven by the requirements of companies operating in Ireland and the technology will be applied in internet services, fraud detection and bioinformatics.
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The Discovery Economy-Smart Enterprise
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)