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1. TriVis: Visualising Multivariate Data from Sentiment Analysis


Maryanne Doyle, Alan Smeaton, Adam Bermingham

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Edited Conference Meeting Proceeding
In a time when a single sporting event can elicit millions of Tweets the volume of expressions of sentiment available is far too large to be read by an individual in real time. TriVis is a visualisation design that uses a modified scatter plot with three axes to allow the user to read and understand multidimensional data at a glance. We examined the read- ability of the visualisation using data collected from a golf tournament and plotted the sentiment towards golfers in real time during play. TriVis visualisations are simple, easy to understand and offer insights into the data set which are not obvious using other methods.
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8th Annual Irish Human Computer Interaction (iHCI)
8th Annual Irish Human Computer Interaction (iHCI)
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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