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From Opinions to Recommendations

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Book Chapter
Traditionally, recommender systems have relied on user preference data (such as ratings) and product descriptions (such as meta-data) as primary sources of recommendation knowledge. More recently, new sources of recommendation knowledge in the form of social media information and other kinds of user-generated content have emerged as viable alternatives. For example, services such as Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and TripAdvisor provide a rich source of user opinions, positive and negative, about a multitude of products and services. They have the potential to provide recommender systems with access to the ne-grained opinions of real users based on real experiences. This chapter will explore how product opinions can be mined from such sources and can be used as the basis for recommendation tasks. We will draw on a number of concrete case-studies to provide di erent examples of how opinions can be extracted and used in practice.
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)
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