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Demystifying the Ocean through Underwater Video Analysis: marine life activity detection, classification and indexing for the SmartBay ocean observation platform

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SmartBay NIAP
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Marine Institute (MI)
Demystifying the Ocean through Underwater Video Analysis will take advantage of underwater video that has been captured and collected by the state of the art Smartbay Observatory to date. We will deliver a user-friendly, semi-automated marine video analysis tool that can be used by marine scientists to assist in better understanding the underwater environment and the marine fauna activities. We will: (i) collect, annotate and construct a benchmark dataset, from this video analysis, for under water marine fauna activity allowing the detection and classification of potential interesting events; (ii) conduct a state of the art literature review of deep learning approaches, which can be transferred to marine underwater video analysis; (iii) adopt, adapt and fine tune state of the art deep neural network models from the literature, which achieved near human performance in image retrieval domain, for under-water image data.
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Connected Health-Chronic Disease Management & Rehabilitation
The Discovery Economy-The Analytical Society
The Discovery Economy-Discovery Analytics
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Dublin City University (DCU)