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Insight PIs most downloaded authors on DCU's DORAS repository

The top three most downloaded authors on DCU’s online research access service DORAS over the past year are all Principle Investigators from the Insight Centre. Professor Noel O’Connor had 18,010 downloads, Professor Dermot Diamond had 16,433 downloads while Professor Alan Smeaton had 16,120 downloads.

Since the start of Insight, indeed since the beginning of its predecessor CLARITY, the DCU site has required that all publications with Science Foundation Ireland funding are deposited on DORAS, unless there are publication embargoes for publication or IP constraints.  This is actually in line with SFI policy on open access which we have been conforming to for many years and the Insight researchers now upload to DORAS as a matter of course, and habit.

DORAS is a form of open access publication, something the Insight@DCU researchers are advocates of. Open access publication leads to more rapid dissemination, so the scientific and scholarly processes move faster and the wheels turn more quickly when newly published material reaches its target audience. It also leads to wider collaboration and more interdisciplinary follow-on work. Another reason open access is increasingly popular is that it is seen as a deliverable from publicly funded research. Many research funding bodies now mandate that research output from projects they fund be made available under open access.

Institutional repositories like Doras also lead to increased visibility of research because their content is regularly crawled by web spiders and indexed by search services, including Google Scholar. This is done precisely because their content is trusted, curated, and will not cause problems with copyright. The repositories also structure their metadata in a way that is easy for web spiders to assimilate. All of this helps to square the circle, because content from these repositories is then more easily found by people searching the internet.

Congratulations to Professors O'Connor, Diamond and Smeaton.