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ECML-PKDD Conference 2018

The European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD) 2018 was held in Croke Park Dublin from September 10-14 (

There was a large participation from Insight Centre members. Neil Hurley of Insight@UCD, was General co-Chair along with Michele Berlingerio of IBM Research. Derek Green of Insight@UCD was a Chair of the Journal Track.  Georgiana Ifrim of Insight@UCD was a Chair of the Conference Track, Ed Curry of Insight@NUIG was a Chair of the Applied Data Science Track, Brian MacNamee of Insight@UCD was a Chair of the Demo Track.

As a result of their work on ECML-PKDD, Derek is a co-editor of  Vol 107 Issue 1-10 of the Machine Learning journal and Vol 32, Issue 5 of the Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal Georgiana, Ed and Brian will be co-editors of the conference proceedings, LNAI 11051, 11052 and 11053, when they are published later this year.

Alan Smeaton of Insight@DCU participated in the Nokia Bell Labs-sponsored, Women in Science Luncheon.  More widely, Padraig Cunningham of School of Computer Science, UCD and Micheal Madden of Discipline of Information Technology, NUIG were workshop organisers and Pavel Gladyshev of School of Computer Science, UCD, was an invited speaker at the AI in security workshop.

We can be very proud of the PhD volunteers from Insight, who worked hard throughout the week and were always good humoured and helpful to everyone: Antonio Bevilacqua, Weipeng Huang, Nishma Laitonjam, John Mitros, Piyush Yadav, Tarek Zaarour, Ellen Rushe, Arjun Pakrashi, Ghanshyam Verma and Sai Natarajan.

The ECML-PKDD is the leading European academic conference on Machine Learning and Data mining, with a CORE Rank A rating. It attracts wide academic and industrial interest from around Europe and worldwide. This year there were submissions from 45 different countries and 638 delegates from 40 countries attended.  As well as very strong support from Science Foundation Ireland and Failte Ireland, we attracted18 industrial sponsors. Notable among our sponsors were companies, such as Zalando, IBM and Huawei, with strong activities in data science and who have worked with Insight in recent years; as well as a leading European research institute in data science, Fraunhofer IAIS, who took the opportunity to host a stand over four days to promote their activities and target recruitment to the top PhD and post-doctoral researchers who attended the conference during the week.

Further information can be found at and on Twitter @neilhurley @ecmlpkdd.

The picture above shows the Conference Track Program Chairs Michele Berlingerio, Georgiana Ifrim, Thomas Gaertner, Francesco Bonchi. The picture on the left is of the General Chairs Michele Berlingerio and Neil Hurley.